Madeline enjoys both studio and plein air painting and tackles a wide range of subjects from landscape to architecture, portraits, to florals. She is a Signature Member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society and Potomac Valley Watercolorists, an artist member of the Strathmore Art Group, and was a founding member of Gallery 302 in Bridgton, Maine. Her work has been featured in many exhibits both in Maryland, her primary residence, and in Maine, where she spends her summers.
  • Prices quoted are for framed artwork, but do not include shipping and handling charges. For more information on purchases or commissions, contact Madeline.

  • Commissions:  Madeline enjoys commissions, and will work from your (good) photos or her own reference materials. She has done a number of informal portraits, wedding and graduation paintings, house commissions, Maine landscapes, and public buildings. Commissions start at $500.

  • Prints:  Although she is not in the "print business," Madeline is occasionally asked to make prints of her work. These high quality prints are made one at a time, by request only. For information on prints, contact Madeline.
To Contact Madeline:
E-mail:  madwik@aol.com
Studios open by appointment.